Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This morning we had a heavy snow flurry.  I headed over to the wetland area to see if any good shots could be had.  One of the photos I liked best from today had no snow features to speak of.  The poison ivy vine on a pine tree shows a bit of moisture drops -- but no real snow.  The best thing here is the hairy old vine clinging to the tree trunk.

For those of you who have been expressing interest in the Lensbaby -- I have added a clickable photo on the sidebar.  This will take you to the Lensbaby website and the latest products.  Take a peek around their site to see other photos and the lenses.  I love mine -- and I love the creative aperture disc set,


  1. Excellent capture, the vine looks very creepy ;-}


  2. Be careful that is a poison ivy vine

  3. Cool, thanks Donna for adding the lensbaby website.

  4. Very cool and I'm not missing the snow. We have plenty, with more on the way. Brrrrrrrrr