Monday, March 14, 2011


Every day when I walk into the back yard with the dogs I look up at the pine trees.  I really don't like pine trees.  To me, they are not good for much and just stand around, tall, waiting for lightning to strike.  At an old house we had three tall ones in the front yard.  This is when I liked pine trees.  One Sunday night, when my husband was out of town, there was a storm.  Lightning hit one of the trees near the house.  It traveled down the tree, across the sidewalk (cracking it and blowing dirt all over), went up the downspout, exploded the outside light, and fried anything in the house that was plugged in.  There was a huge scorch mark on the wall in the garage.

I like this photo.  I hate pine trees.


  1. wow that sounded like a very scarey moment. I love the smell of pine I find it very refreshing.


  2. Holy smokes, no wonder you don't like pine trees! That would have freaked me right out. I also like the photo, it's looking like spring has arrived for you. I'm still in the wishing it was spring mode... soon I hope!

  3. I love the smell of pines too -- in someone else's yard :) And yes -- spring is here -- with all the pollen!