Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now What?

I hate to just have this blog sit and nothing new appear -- so -- how about instead of another 365 (I don't know that I will ever do that again!) -- it is my favorite photo from the previous week?

So to start off -- this photo was taken January 7.  Iris and Sadie were napping on the bed (on their quilt) and I decided to play around with the wide angle.


  1. Cute photo, the dogs look so relaxed.

  2. I am opting out of doing another 365 too for this year, and instead doing one a week. Great balance I think to keep up the challenge, but not at such a "life controlling" intensity...ha ha. Look forward to keeping up with you!

  3. Thanks guys -- and Jen -- it is so much better than a photo a day -- but still a little challenge.